Takin’ Pictures

A good horse’s work is never done.

There’s always something to do or someone who needs my help around here.

Especially Mom, when she’s taking pictures for a new quilt she’s made. She always brings them right to me so I can help her.

I try to be good help and look my best, but sometimes we have to deal with adverse weather conditions and other critters, too. For some reason, those cats think they can help, too, and they think they’re more photogenic than me, which is just not so.

While Mom adjusts the quilt, I try different poses. I mean, I want to show my best side!


You tell me. Does this side look better? It might, except for it looks like I have my nose stuck on the fencepost. See? This is not as easy as it looks!


I help make adjustments . . .


And sometimes I have little accidents . . . oops!


Sometimes I just have to be real patient while we wait for the wind to die down or that dog to get in the right position . . .


How about this shot?


And here’s another one that’s all right.


See how handsome I am? I’m sure I’ll get to help with more photo shoots in the future. I think it just makes the picture better to have me in it.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep fit by chasing Bonnie and PeeWee around the pasture. They hate to run, which just makes it even more fun for me.

I’m Chip, and I’m a horse model (among other things). A good horse’s work is never done.