My New Forever Home

MollyHi, I’m Molly.

I just recently came to live on the ranch. Actually, today is my first day here.

I’m a black Labrador Retriever, and I’ll soon be nine years old.

I never thought I’d em-bark on a new adventure at the people age of 63, but hey, you’re never too old to try something new.

That saying about not being able to teach old dogs new tricks? It’s malarkey.

Dad gave me a brand new orange collar — I think it goes good with my complexion.

I’ve always been a city dog, but I think I’m really gonna love it here.

There’s a lot to see, and do, and learn.

I’ve learned a couple new things just my first day here, in fact.

There are these little furry creatures that the parents call “catz”, and Mom calls them cute and cuddles them, and they make this “ththththtrrrrrring” sound when she’s petting them.

Well, I got close to one of them this morning, and it suddenly morphed into a whirling, hissing creature with about 20 arms, and those arms had sharp things on the ends of them, and it attacked me!

Just for trying to say hello! Talk about the ultimate in rudeness!

It made my tongue bleed, and I cried, and Mom hugged me and said it would be OK — just to stay away from them and I’d be all right. I think I’ll take her word for it.

I also heard Mom say that she’s putting me on a “diet”. I’m not sure what that is, but I think it’ll be fun. She also said she was going to take me to get “spayed”, so there’s apparently a road trip in my future. Yep, I think I’m gonna like it here!

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