Suffering Indignities

That man showed up today at the ranch.

The one with the beard . . .

 . . . and all the tools. Yeah, him.

That one they call the “farrier”. Hmpf!

Chip likes the guy, for whatever reason, and usually Chip is the only one who has to deal with him. You see, Chip wears shoes, but I don’t have to, so Chip has to deal with this guy more often than I do.

The farrier messes with your feet. It does feel good to get your feet cleaned off and trimmed up. You don’t trip on things as much, and it’s easier walking. (But don’t tell Mom and Dad I think that.)

And although I’ve done it before, today I just didn’t feel like it. But they made me anyway.PeeWee7

Oh, the indignity!

It was gonna be OK until Dad made me eat this stuff he calls “wormer”. Have you ever tasted that stuff? Yuck!

So then I got mad, and decided I didn’t want to be nice to the farrier.

I let him do one front foot, and then decided to show myself.

But . . . I was tied to a tree by my head! Really?!

I tried to knock him down, but when he said he was OK, I knew I had to step up my game, so I wouldn’t let him pick up my back foot.

Then I heard him say something like, “They can teach themselves a lesson better than we can teach it to them . . . ” and he looped a rope around my foot. PeeWee4

He pulled my foot off the ground even though I didn’t want to lift it up, so I kicked. I kicked and I kicked and I kicked, but the loop wouldn’t fall off.

What’s even more embarrassing is having those stupid cows watching me. Sure, they can laugh — this never happens to them. PeeWee3

I finally quit kicking, and let my leg relax, which kinda felt good. So I decided to let him do that one foot.PeeWee5

But I’d have another chance or two to show myself yet. I rested for awhile while he did that foot.

We had to go through it all again with the other back foot. I kicked and kicked and kicked, but that loop would not come off. I even hopped a little, but the bearded man won, and I gave in and let him work on my foot. PeeWee1

But I lifted my tail and dumped a little gift on the ground for him right under his nose, in protest. Just to make sure he knew what I was really thinking.PeeWee2

It was over fairly quickly, just not soon enough for me. Thank goodness I only have four feet!PeeWee6

I heard Mom mutter something about being ashamed of me, and Dad took me back out to the pasture. PeeWee8

But I also heard her tell Dad that she still loves me, and she’s not gonna “sell” me, whatever that means.

Do you know how much grass I had to eat to get rid of that taste in my mouth?


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