I’m The Princess

My name is Gidget.

I can’t be the Queen, because Miss Kitty is already the queen, so I’m the Princess, but that’s all right.

Today is my birthday, and I’m five years old.

Mom says I’m only an indoor cat because I got off to such a rough start outside that she and Dad felt sorry for me and brought me indoors to save my life. As I think is only right, for heaven’s sake!

I could have died out there!

I was little, but wasn’t I adorable?Gidgetbaby2

I’ve always enjoyed a good nap . . .Gidgetbaby

No matter my age . . .Gidgetnappin

I’ve always enjoyed reading . . . Gidgetreading

And it’s my main goal in life to convince Mom to just hold me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I see nothing wrong with it, so I keep working on her.Gidgetbeinheld

Here’s my birthday picture on my first birthday. See how much I grew in just one year?Gidgetbday

I wouldn’t let Mom take my picture today. I didn’t think she needed to. She takes enough embarrassing pictures of me, usually while I’m sleeping and can’t do anything about it.

I love to help Mom with her quilting.Gidgethelpin4

She usually needs help keeping her fabric stash in line . . .Gidgethelpin

. . . but it’s exhausting!Gidgethelpin2

It just completely wears me out!Gidgethelpin3

I get soooo tired!Gidgethelpin5

You simply have no idea how tired.Gidgetexhausted

But Mom doesn’t seem to mind, and she still lets me help when I wake up again. I wonder if I’ll still like naps this much in another 5 years?