An Awful Trip

Hi. Gidget here, to tell you about an awful experience I had recently.

Do you see this contraption here? This objet de torture?

My mother, my very own mother, stuffed me into it against my will, and then carried me OUTSIDE!

And then . . . she put me and the contraption into the truck and carried me away from my home!

I was furious! And terrified!

I cried “Ow! Ow! Oooowwwww!” all the way there, but she was oblivious. She kept saying, “It’s OK.”

But, it wasn’t OK. We stopped at a little building and she took me inside, and showed me to a woman who talked to Mom over my head, and then STUCK ME with a NEEDLE! Can you imagine?

Who does that? What did I ever do to deserve such treatment?

I mean, I haven’t even scratched Mom in a long time, and then still, I’m treated this way?

As if being stuck wasn’t bad enough, she made me drink some horrible yellow liquid; from what I could tell it was made of worms. AND . . . she put liquid in my ears! Trying to drown me, I think.

I’m so terribly insulted over this entire ordeal. And my biggest fear was that perhaps Mom was going to leave me there, but she stuffed me back into the torture cage, and back into the truck, and off we went again. I cried “Ow! Ow! Oooowww!” some more, but again, she simply didn’t care. Thankfully, she carried me back home. I was never so relieved in all my life to see my house again!

I had to nap all afternoon to get over it, and even then, the memory is just still so fresh. I’m traumatized. I’ve been sticking close to Mom, but trying not to make eye contact. I mean, I love her and all, but how could she have done this to me? And I know she needs my help with her sewing, and I have that job to do, so I can’t just leave her, even if she did treat me so poorly.

Over time, I’m hoping the horrible memory will fade, and I can patch things up with Mom, and things will get back to normal.

I need time. And treats. Treats should help, don’t you think?


I’m The Princess

My name is Gidget.

I can’t be the Queen, because Miss Kitty is already the queen, so I’m the Princess, but that’s all right.

Today is my birthday, and I’m five years old.

Mom says I’m only an indoor cat because I got off to such a rough start outside that she and Dad felt sorry for me and brought me indoors to save my life. As I think is only right, for heaven’s sake!

I could have died out there!

I was little, but wasn’t I adorable?Gidgetbaby2

I’ve always enjoyed a good nap . . .Gidgetbaby

No matter my age . . .Gidgetnappin

I’ve always enjoyed reading . . . Gidgetreading

And it’s my main goal in life to convince Mom to just hold me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I see nothing wrong with it, so I keep working on her.Gidgetbeinheld

Here’s my birthday picture on my first birthday. See how much I grew in just one year?Gidgetbday

I wouldn’t let Mom take my picture today. I didn’t think she needed to. She takes enough embarrassing pictures of me, usually while I’m sleeping and can’t do anything about it.

I love to help Mom with her quilting.Gidgethelpin4

She usually needs help keeping her fabric stash in line . . .Gidgethelpin

. . . but it’s exhausting!Gidgethelpin2

It just completely wears me out!Gidgethelpin3

I get soooo tired!Gidgethelpin5

You simply have no idea how tired.Gidgetexhausted

But Mom doesn’t seem to mind, and she still lets me help when I wake up again. I wonder if I’ll still like naps this much in another 5 years?

Oh, The Humiliation

Yesterday was a pretty nice day.

Mom had all the windows open, and there were breezes, and I could hear and see all these birds outside.

So I found myself a good perch, and when I was tired of watching those birds, I decided I’d just nap here in the breezes. windowlounging

Mom thought I was cute, so she took my picture. And she’s right, I am pretty cute most of the time.

Mom put down her camera and walked away, so I was gettin’ all comfy, and I yawned and stretched, and . . . there was a crack and a whooshing sound, and all of a sudden, I was falling!

That barrier thingie between me and the birds had disappeared, and I. Was. Outside.

In the grass.



My feet were on the ground.

I was totally humiliated.



I heard Mom spout out a word I don’t think she was supposed to say, and then heard her running.

I jumped back up into the window, to get my feet out of the dirt and tell her what had happened. When she came to my rescue, she asked me if I was OK, but she was snickering, so I’m not sure she really cared that I had just been endangered. I mean, really!

This is no laughing matter. I was out there for at least a full 6 seconds. Anything could have happened!

I showed her the barrier thingie there on the ground and tried to tell her what happened. She picked it up and put it back on, and Dad came over to help her clip it in place. I think that word she said made him come running. But back to me . . .

I could have been nabbed by any number of horrible things out there in the yard. I’ve heard them talking. I guess I’m just glad it was daytime, because they say nighttime is even more dangerous.

And Mom told Dad she was glad that I wasn’t upstairs when this happened. And she said I was a good girl for jumping back into the window instead of running off.

Pfft! Running off? Where would I go, pray tell? I know my place, and it is NOT outside!

Fortunately, nothing was injured except my pride, but I’ve decided not to lounge in that particular window for awhile. It took extra bathing to get over the incident, but I think I’m gonna be OK.

Today I’m upstairs bird watching. The window barrier thingie up here seems a bit more sturdy, but I’m not gonna lean on it just the same. And Mom still thinks I’m cute . . .